Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's Do This!

So I have suddenly decided to start a blog, I mean come on, everyone is doing it right?? Not! Really I decided to begin this for the simple fact of my family, a simple way that I would like to attempt to keep up with. Doubt It, but it's worth a shot!! I have recently been pondering whether I would like to take a leap into a broader knowledge, one that I will never forget, Going to Turkiye! There were a lot of positives, and of course a lot of negatives, and after countless and in depth contemplation I have decided to take the leap into culture. Yup that is right I, Dustin Sherman, am going. I have always been passionate about traveling; however, have never ever had the opportunity to do it. My goal in life is to make it to all 50 states and at least 20 different countries. Hard but very attainable!! And i will! So to partly initiate this goal I am going to Turkey, I bought my ticket, June 16 - July 28. I fly from Columbus to Detroit to Amsterdam to Istanbul. So my hopes with the blog, along with daily or weekly updates, throughout and during my trip I will post key points, and journal my trip along its voyage!! :D Well I look forward to some fun blogging time, hope its a beginning to wonderful bliss!! :P


holly_michelle said...

Not everyone is doing it, but I am, so it must pretty cool, right? lol j/k! I'm glad I'll set to see all about your adventures though! -Holly

Anonymous said...

This is cool.It will be nice for your trip to keep up with you. Hope you have fun too. When do you leave and come home?
Love Lisa