Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Hurricane Has Begun!!!!!

So I just recently made my purchase of my first blackberry storm. I really enjoy its applications and nonsense, although I have realized how annoying the constant reminders can be sometimes, like emails, facebook, myspace, calendars, texts, calls, blackboards!! AHHHHHHH So much constant nonsense! Oh well, I really enjoy being able to do random things that I cant do on regular phones. The touch screen was a risk that I was willing to take, and I did just that! It was a great investment!!

Next on the agenda. . . . . Turkiye!! I'm am 54 days from being in a great place, not that america isn't great, just a new great place! I walked around town with Burak and discussed a lot of things and aspects of the trip and the constant things I will be doing!! I haven't been this excited for a long time, and I feel that I am most excited about the fact I have never ever had a school break, where it is an actual break! I am always constantly going going goin with the schedule of 2 or more jobs, doctors, family, and trying my hardest to stay close to my friends. I will not be having any stress at all, no planning, of course little planning but nothing that I should actually be concerned over, and this excites me to the extreme!! So I am 54 and counting!!

right now I am sitting with great friends, Burak and Jackie, at a coffee shop. I should be studying, but I just feel let down everytime I do study, it seems to never get me anywhere!? OH well, I am enjoying my lovely time with some studying in between!

At this point I have no firther things to write, I have hit a stopping point!! so here is to the end! Peace

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nursing = DeAtH (Laugh, It's Funny!)

So I have come to a great big realization, this is going to be yet again, a typical lame quarter. A group of us were sitting in class, pondering the facts of nursing and where it should lead us, blah blah blah. One said No Mo' Fo' Sho'. One Said come one we can make this interesting. One said let's just give up and start a new job (I shall not mention, Haha). As for myself, I clearly stated, Nursing = Death, they stopped stared and laughed! However, I have been thinking about my joke, and, my realization, COMPLETE TRUTH!!! Nursing is going to be one of the most stressful careers ever, or at least the steps to get there! College is ridiculous, why oh why?

Then I started to discuss this with some of the international students, from at least 4 - 5 countries, and unanimously they said, I have never felt as stressed as I have studying in this country. Why is this? Why is it that many countries around us have superb schooling, where they are taught to hand write their math problems rather than calculators like us (I'll get to that little fact on another day). But seriously, countries around the world, have just as good of economy, if not better now, yet we are the ones that are stuck with all of the stress?!?! What I have come to gather about life, is that stress begins in middle school, the stress to get into a good college, then once in high school you work even harder (job, school, extracurriculars, things to please others), then you go to college and you upgrade the largest size(paying for it, studying for it, managing family and friends, job, relaxation, never, and then just all the little things that life has to add), then you get into the "real world," and you have to strive to be "the best that you can ultimately be!" Why? Why does one have to strive the best that they can be, why cannot one just enjoy the life; of course, there should be stress, stress to maintain food and shelter and loving relationships, but why all of this stress to have this perfect, nuclear, standard, boring way of life?

"My friend is one... who take me for what I am."

I don't doubt that we have these stresses for a reason, or that the stresses to fit into a certain fragment of life to please others, but why is that society has entrapped us in our conservative, unchanging manners? A lot of individuals are stuck immaturely, and drastically "in the olden fashions." May one day these individuals briskly walk past that part of their lives, and open the doors to a new more open, brighter, happier, diverse manner of thinking!!

"The poor long for riches. The rich long for heaven. But the wise desire

With all of these rantings, I feel that this shall be an interesting quarter, many stresses to be perfect, have a fit, unchanging, and unrealistic schedule; and I shall hopefully by the end of my senior year be alive so that I may soon get the nursing degree that I thoroughly deserve!

Peace and Love to the fullest, and may whomever you believe in bless you completely, and I leave you with great hopes for a spectacular future!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blood Plasma, Confidence and New Beginnings

SOOOOOO . . . .
Much has happened since my last, informal posts! We just got back from spring break. Of course as usual it was not much of a break, I have begun work orientation at OSU hospital East as a SNA (Student Nurse Assistant). The most exciting thing was that I got to successfully draw blood from about 15 patients!!!!!! Initially I felt nervous, normal, but once I started, I got in the zone. I was like a born expert of course. . . Not . . . Haha. Honestly I feel confident that I will be able to do great in nursing, I just need these little confidence boosters to keep me going, and with this new job opportunity, I feel that I will get all the confidence and patient communication skills I need!

A new quarter has begun, I am taking Microbiology, Maternal-Newborn Nursing, and Child Developmental Psychology. I feel that this quarter will be much easier, especially without having mono like I did last quarter. I have a lot of hopes and aspirations for this quarter and have an ending goal of getting A's and one B(in any one class), and preparing for my trip. I would also like to take a mass trip to Cedar Point with all of my friends up here, and of course my bests from Utica!! Well that is it for now, hopefully I keep up a little more frequently, but we shall see.

"You have to stand for what you believe in. And sometimes you have to stand alone"