Friday, July 25, 2014

Benign Appreciation


Benign Appreciation
By: Dustin Sherman

To be one
With you.
To mask the apprehension
Would bring injustice to a
Mortal standstill.

Cessation would be the norm,
but to what cessation is a norm, an annual?
Or like a perennial that ideally brings rebirth;
life every full moon,
blooms alike?

Light has been brought to the
The beams so bright,
blinding, but yet,

Clarification, an explanation of the seed
that lay dormant before budding.
Necessary? Words entangle the mind to halt the interpretation

Deeper you go.
Straying from your median.
A risk weighs on you,
for is this it? Your last goodbye,
or your next hello?

I digress.
Mortal standstill…
Is immortality a discussion for the inscrutable?
The benevolent?
The kindhearted?

Immortality of love and its
capability to cultivate startles the ones
previously broken from
anguish and misery by

Does this give reason to hinder the
chances to be blissful and jovial?
To question life is to be mortal,
with immortal hopes of love.

Life has genius to send cessation or fulfillment
of the senses.
Your choice is like the road less taken.
To be or not to

To have ecstasy in your heart, you deflate the
barriers set up from previous battles amongst the
phenomenon we exclaim as

Holler, beckon, shout, appeal to the ideal, while placing emphasis
on the entities that guide your gladness.
Walk steady with risk, that maybe,
this may become an immortal, heartfelt, deep

The closure or the prelude.