Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Evil Eye & Turkish Superstitions

Every country has them, we all joke about them, so I figured I would share them with from a Turkish view. You know what I'm talking about, superstitions. You know, when a black cat crosses your path it brings bad omens, when you walk under a ladder you obtain bad luck, or breaking a mirror will bring 7 years bad luck.

Most of these I have taken note of over my time while in Turkey, and some I actually believe in!

Here we go:
  • Don't cut your nails at night, it will bring Satan. (back in the times with no lights, this would be told to children so that they wouldn't cut themselves)
  • Enter a place with your right foot, brings good luck and good fortune.
  • Never hand scissors, knives, or sharp objects to individuals, if done the individuals will fight. To prevent this, you place it down and the other person will pick it up.
  • Likewise, leaving scissors open in the household will cause much conflict.
  • Don't button your shirt while facing an individual, this will close the relationship.
  • Don't kiss people on the eyes, you may not see that person in the future.
  • When wearing your shoes, put the right shoe on first, this will lead your life in the right direction.
  • While eating, one cannot place one foot over the other, this shows disrespect to the table and a sign of famine.
  • If you see a snake while travelling to some wear you will have luck and good fortune.
  • If shoes are not set upright, your life will turn sideways and bring bad luck. Also some say that a person will die.
  • If a dog barks during the call to prayer (Ezan), someone in the neighbor will die.
  • If your left hand is scratched, you will receive money. If your right hand is scratched you will spend money.
  • Don't sleep in the same room as a cat, if done, the cat is said to steal your soul and shorten your life. (Ever wonder why cats have 9 lives!?) ;)
  • Turning music off in the car while driving by graveyards allows for the dead to rest in peace and is general respect.
  • Clothing or fabric on individuals cannot be sewn.
  • While yawning you must close your mouth, or you are citing the call to prayer (Ezan) to Satan.
  • It is said if you say something, good or bad, 40 times over time, it will come true.
Nazar & The Evil Eye:
This is the most widely known superstition in Turkey regardless of age and background. The Nazar is basically harmful energies or vibes that are given from envious, jealous, and greedy people to another willingly and unwillingly. The Nazar is believed to cause many bad things in your life. Bad things can happen, such as: feeling of fatigue, accidents, problems when trying to perform planned events, even death. The evil eye which is blue, white, yellow and made of glass is said to absorb these negative energies, and if broken, it has absorbed too much bad energy. Even a very dear loved one can give you Nazar because of the strong flow of love.
There are bracelets, necklaces, wall decorations, and even some doorways have them cemented into the ground!
One thing other than wearing an evil eye is to not share your successes or plans for future. Even your closest friends can be happy for you, but still hold their jealousy within. It is better to share little and share plans after they have occurred, such as job interviews, vacations, new relationships, or making an expensive purchase.

So what about YOU? Are there any for Turkey that I am forgetting or haven't heard?! Comment them down below!! :D

Note: I may add more superstitions as people point them out. I also do not own the rights to these photographs!


brenda said...

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DustinTv said...

Way to be cultural Brenda! I loved it by the way!! Ill try my hardest to pack something in for you guys. I cant promise as I have to pack everything I have acquired here as well. :P ... But Ill bring turkish coffee for all of us to enjoy!! :D:D

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