Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream Away To Success!

After studying abroad for a year I am faced with many theories. Turkey has brought out many positive things for me, I have been able to adapt, I have grown personally, and I am constantly growing in strength. None of this would be possible if I wouldn't have had a dream and so many people supporting me. My friends and family have been more supportive than I had ever imagined and I thank each and every one of them. My dreams are constantly coming true and I have matured physically and emotionally through my experience.

So I have a question. Why do so many people let their dreams die unrealized? I think in general, the biggest reason is the negative attitudes and energies of other people. They are not solely from our enemies, but also from our friends and sometimes family. Our enemies don't bother us to greatly; we can typically handle them with little trouble. Our friends and family are reassuring at times, but sometimes punch holes in our dreams with their cynical smile and a put down. Or how about all those road bumps you find along the way?

We get that excitement about a possible new home, new education route, new career, or new experience. We see the opportunity of finally making something happen for ourselves, make more money, do more meaningful things in life and rise to a personal challenge. We start feeling our heart pounding steady again, get excited, and the stimulation of success start pumping. Then we tell someone about it, and there is a smirk and a "really?" they then proceed to script out a 10 foot long list of all the problems and obstacles along with 50 reasons why we will never make it and are better off to stay where we are in life.

Before we know it, our excitement has fallen to zero and then begin to second guess ourselves. We begin to think of the reasons why we might not make it, instead of all the reasons why we know we will. We all dream of a better life and more resources to provide for the ones we love. The problem though is that we live in fear, fear of what others might think of us, fear that we might crash followed by a "I told ya so," and fear that we might fail if we step out of our comfort zone.

Consider yourself. Give your dream a chance to happen. Don't let others rob you of your faith, and don't let little mishaps along the way get the best of you. Things are sometimes bound to happen that will postpone or slow the process, but kick through the obstacles. If you have the flame and desire deep down, do something about it and do not let anything take it away.

Remember that successful people do things that average people won't. Successful people are able to handle frustration, remain strong and keep dreaming. Dreams eventually become goals, which soon enough become reality.
Find your inner energy and drive onward! 

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