Thursday, August 11, 2011

Every Story Has Its Ends!

What does one do when one has 2 weeks left after a year in a foreign country? I have laughed, I have cried, I have spent the best times, I have spent the worst times in Turkey. I have went through my ups and downs to adapt my life in Turkey. I have made Izmir, Turkey, the "city of love," my home!

I have only two emotions about going back to America. I have absolute excitement to see my family. They have been going through possibly the most worst scenarios a family can go through, and I want to be a light of hope for them. I also have complete and distinct fear of leaving Turkey and returning to the many problems that await me.

I feel like everything that I have experienced is coming to an abrupt end! How can this be? How does one cope with this kind of energy? This has been nothing I have experienced before. I know this slightly what I should be going through; however, the extremes that I will be going back to, to be frankly honest, scares the living shit out of me! I would like to know your thoughts, opinions, and advice in the comments section below!

How should I spend my last 2 weeks here? Life is spinning out of control, that I need to grab a hold of something. I will! Dustin means brave and valiant warrior, and I believe our names were given for a reason. I have the strength to fight a million, but I feel like I may fall down to a peasant level, not able to fight anymore. I may need a refresher course to become the warrior I was and am currently.

Like my family, Turkey has been the light of hope for me. It has made part of who I am and appreciate them both soo much! I have learned many things through the eyes of the Turks and I hope to bring that back with me!

I have promised myself to be as strong as possible through this,, but it will be painstakingly hard. I have come here to become the person I am now, and would not trade any split second of a moment, EVER! I will leave with tears water-falling from my eyes and my heart beat at an irregular rhythm, but I would recommend this experience to the world!

I leave every single person that reads this with strength, hope, power, happiness, passion, courageousness, stability, knowledge, compassion, confidence and ultimate love for your near and far future!

Video to watch: Dido - Sand In My Shoes

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Nadir said...

You are experiencing the same feelings like other exchange students were. I had the same feelings while i was leaving Finland. I was crying and putting lots of pressure on myself but then i started to think why i am so stressed about leaving. I sit and realized because life was easier and lighter than i had in my native country, Turkey. After i graduated, i came back to Finland and since then i have been seeing real life and it is not as easy as the times that i was a student. We can't predict what will happen in the future, so just be positive what you gained in Turkey and how you will use those in America. You know it is not the right time to give up now, you gotta be strong for yourself and your family. I am so sure that everything will be allright with positivity and good intentions. Just so you know, you are not and will be not alone. Believe in yourself and know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. My thoughts and support are with you :-)