Wednesday, January 25, 2012

101 Things I Will Miss About Turkey

I have been in Turkey for nearly one and a half years. Here is a shortened list of the things I will be missing!! I linked some of these with a few of my past posts, if you want to read/browse and learn some more! :D
  1. Izmir
  2. Turkish Coffee
  3. Hadise
  4. Turkish Airlines
  5. Nargile (Hookah)
  6. Skiing In Uludag
  7. Bayram
  8. Yaprak Sarmasi
  9. Manti
  10. Turkish Language
  11. Taxi Dolmus
  12. Recis
  13. Alsancak Night life
  14. Cheap Travel
  15. Bios Rock Bar
  16. Movie Nights
  17. O Ses Turkiye
  18. Bazaar
  19. Sahika / / "Avrupa Yakisi"
  20. Gulsen
  21. School Friends
  22. Bufe & Pastavilla (School Lunch Time)
  23. Turkish Hand Gestures
  24. Turkish Superstitions
  25. Bar Street
  26. Cesme (The sea has 4 tones of blue)
  27. Foca
  28. Raki Balik (Fish and Traditional Turkish Liquor)
  29. Brick Roads
  30. Crazy Turkish Drivers
  31. Istanbul
  32. Tavla (Backgammon)
  33. Taksim
  34. Ferry Boat
  35. Simit (Turkish Bread)
  36. Fresh Tomatoes
  37. Delivery Service for every and any food vendor
  38. Cheap Cell phone bill (15$/Month, unlimited everything)
  39. Mesir Macunu Paste
  40. Sushi Sundays
  41. Late Night Cafes
  42. Trivial Pursuit
  43. Scrabble
  44. Smoking Area at School (Everyone's hang out spot)
  45. Last minute decisions
  46. Trip to Istanbul for one night
  47. Turkish Coffee Fortune
  48. Throwing your arms up like you are flying and snapping during an oriental song
  49. Team Hadise
  50. Birthday Celebrations
  51. Hidirellez
  52. Soda Water
  53. Karisik Ayvalik Tost
  54. The Belief in the Turkish Eye
  55. Twitter Parties! :P
  56. The Eyzan (The call to prayer)
  57. The Sunset from my home
  58. The Turkish Barber Shop
  59. Turkish Shave
  60. Hospitality
  61. The Sea
  62. Water Sports in Marmaris
  63. Sun Bathing
  64. Turkish Tea
  65. The Markets
  66. Driving in Craziness
  67. Showing Chest Hair! ;)
  68. The Exchange Rate (More for your money)
  69. English in a Turkish accent
  70. Walking on the sea side on a bad day
  71. Mavisehir (The district I live in)
  72. Karsiyaka, Always better than Goztepe! ;)
  73. Yasar University's International Office Staff (Love Them!)
  74. Marmaris
  75. Deciding to go out at 2AM
  76. Efes (Turkey's Fresh Beer)
  77. Taking off your shoes as entering the house
  78. Kissing each other on the cheek
  79. No Homework
  80. The way a Turkish will tell you if you look tired, bad, or fat.
  81. Karaoke Sessions in the Kitchen with Burak
  82. Drinking Tomato Soup at Kircicegi after every clubbing night! (Tradition for Turks)
  83. The Belief in Energies
  84. Baklava
  85. Open-Mindedness of my friends
  86. The Love of Ataturk
  87. The Confusing Mapping of the City Streets
  88. Turkish Proverbs
  89. Hanging your clothes to dry
  90. Hamams (Turkish Baths)
  91. Turkish Concerts
  92. Learning something new every single day
  93. Sunshine at least 300 days out of the year
  94. The weekly cleaning lady
  95. Turkish Rice
  96. Our pet rabbit, Noel
  97. Virgin Mary's home / Ephesus / Syrince "Wine Tasting Village" (All one tour)
  98. My AMAZING host family
  99. Iskender Kebab
  100. Not drinking from the faucet but water dispensers
  101. Turkish Flag and its Colors


salman said...

hello . i am planning on applying for admission to yasar university for spring semester 2013 in MBA. is the university really good? and which things you liked about university?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dustin, #38 Which carrier was this... $15 unlimited everthing including international? When I visit which has been quite often I usually have turkcell but have never seen this offer....Thanks

DustinTv said...

I believe it was a special promotion that they were having. I believe it was like an additional 10TL for unlimited data(Internet), but was never an issue given the number of cafes with wireless. If i ever needed the Internet that badly I would drop into a cafe, spend 1TL on a cay(tea) and carry on. Turkcell always had random campaigns. It started when I spent 30TL on a loading card and then I began getting better promotions. Hope this helps.

Cabbar said...

We'll miss you too Dusty