Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Hurricane Has Begun!!!!!

So I just recently made my purchase of my first blackberry storm. I really enjoy its applications and nonsense, although I have realized how annoying the constant reminders can be sometimes, like emails, facebook, myspace, calendars, texts, calls, blackboards!! AHHHHHHH So much constant nonsense! Oh well, I really enjoy being able to do random things that I cant do on regular phones. The touch screen was a risk that I was willing to take, and I did just that! It was a great investment!!

Next on the agenda. . . . . Turkiye!! I'm am 54 days from being in a great place, not that america isn't great, just a new great place! I walked around town with Burak and discussed a lot of things and aspects of the trip and the constant things I will be doing!! I haven't been this excited for a long time, and I feel that I am most excited about the fact I have never ever had a school break, where it is an actual break! I am always constantly going going goin with the schedule of 2 or more jobs, doctors, family, and trying my hardest to stay close to my friends. I will not be having any stress at all, no planning, of course little planning but nothing that I should actually be concerned over, and this excites me to the extreme!! So I am 54 and counting!!

right now I am sitting with great friends, Burak and Jackie, at a coffee shop. I should be studying, but I just feel let down everytime I do study, it seems to never get me anywhere!? OH well, I am enjoying my lovely time with some studying in between!

At this point I have no firther things to write, I have hit a stopping point!! so here is to the end! Peace

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