Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soul's Venture

Here is a poem that I decided to write. Just my feelings put into words. Read, Enjoy, and comment. =)

Soul's Venture
By: Dustin Sherman

Stand up in praise
for Nineteen hundred hours.
Sanity found and captured from the heavens,
brought down to a new world.

Some have rescued,
few found;
Taken is what one wants,
to a beginning that shall too perish.

Endings of a single platform,
to a grand theatre.
Filling the emptiness,
with lights that one has been longing for.

Wants wanted,
Wishes ungranted,
Promises unkept,
Desires unfulfilled.

Bam! It has
A grain of diamond found,
a sweet release.

Societies grasp is slipping,
They are breaking.
Yesterday soon to be
tomorrow, no longer false and deficient.

You shall know the truth,
of course, the sanity was found.
Want to know?

New worlds and philosophies
explored and adopted.
Ill cover my eyes,
Boo! Surprise!

Never lost and only found.
Irresistible devotion,
unsure life
promise my future.

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