Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Pleasures!

I take a daily ferry to school, sometimes twice a day. I always notice the beauty and peacefulness of this ride. It one of the most enjoyable things for me in Turkey. One day I decided while sitting on the lower, outside part of the ferry that I would write a direct observation of my ride. I grabbed my pen, I grabbed my notebook and began my free writings:

There is a mountain with four peaks. On the second peak lies a mosque with three minarets(towers). there is one large cloud with the sun beaming from behind it. Its like there is a mist, and the many rays of light piercing them. They line the water with each beam. The water is beyond calm like a flat glass with life under it. I hear the ferries motor gently rumbling in the background and the foam of the water which is now gently rolling from the boat. The seagulls are coasting gracefully next to the ferry ever hoping to catch a bite of Simit, the famous Turkish bread. With the sun still peaking casting its orange-yellow sunset to the sea, it almost blinds/shields me from seeing the mountain of homes that lie at the base of the mountain. the breeze is just light enough to feel refreshed. The noises, the vibrating of the ferry, the sight of the rays of the sun, and the gently rolling waves, the smell of the sea salt, and bread, the sweet Turkish air, the gentle whispers from a foreign mouth beside me. Watching one land go, like a problem/idea/romance and seeing another land slowly arriving; this land, new and foreign. This my friend, the ferry, is peace!

The tall buildings on the left is where I live! ;)

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Nadir said...

While I was reading your daily pleasures, for a moment I thought that you were describing a heaven. I think taking daily ferry is also a peculiar way to go to school or have a daily routine:-)I can see that you are living for the moment in there very well :-)