Saturday, March 19, 2011


I was recently browsing on the internet and found this picture and someone's description on how irrelevant and degrading this was. Tyler Oakley,from Michigan described his thoughts:

I find a couple things wrong with this. 
  1. If the point is based on attacking people with racist beliefs, why are gay, punk, woman, islamic, jewish people included?
  2. Although I disagree with the beliefs of people with racist beliefs, I don’t question their ability to think cognitively. I think a better approach would be to have put their brain upside down. Just because someone has an unpopular way of thinking doesn’t mean that they don’t think.
  3. If people want to change minds of who they consider the “ignorant,” they need to first believe the “ignorant” are capable of change - no mind, no change. Insulting pushes them away, validating opens up options.
  4. This also assumes that black/hispanic people can’t be racist.
I agree with his thoughts and appreciate them very much. Tyler is a very outspoken and inspirational person, he can make every person think; the open minded, the intelligent, the dumb, even the dullest person. I hope that this post reaches many other people and changes the way they think. Always be inspired by others, places, and things. Never let your mind stay halted. Grow, Live, and Love!

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