Saturday, May 28, 2011

Belated Revamping - Poem

A poem I wrote awhile ago. I really like it. Everyone has their stages, but what is to be remembered is that everyone must be positive. There is always a flame burning inside of you. Dig deep within yourself, find it, and let it burn brighter! You can push through anything. I am proof. I find times can be hard, but if you point your face to the sky searching for the suns energy, you can find that inner strength to push on! So do it. Never settle for less and treat yourself to a full glass of happiness and positivity!

Belated Revamping
By: Dustin Sherman

What is it?
Locking me up,
Let go of me, I want release.

Strength is needed,
My soul corrupted and strained,
tugged at by starved minds.
Nagging, yelling, clenching, wrecking

Stop, this is me,
My flaws have no collision on you.
The crash will explode,
Cease, leave, break, sever

You are still here?!
A dedication to my decline.
Still lonely, torn, loved, and promised

Help me, Liberation
Fancies me.
Internal bombs,
with the pins pulled, ready for attack.

Once more,
a weakened soul, who would have thought?
My heart is a maturing diamond,
Mantled and empty of color.

Blue topaz, the stone that will bleed,
Adding shade to my dull color.
Here let me clean that up,
Let the monotonous life persevere.

Blemishes covered up,
Minds soaring to different channels.
Stitching up my wounds, to a
Healthy angel.

You will tear me down, where I will corrode,
You will strike me with the words and manners,
but most of all my ammunition will be removed,
but I shall become numb to this crashing, disheartening world.
Pushing onward, evermore!

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