Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marmaris - My Favorite Place in Turkey

When the water is perfectly waving from the water sports and boat tours, you know its the perfect time to take a dive in the luke warm Mediterranean sea in Marmaris, Turkey.

Yes. Marmaris, Turkey and its surrounding hiding spaces are by far my favorite places in the world, so far. There is something so attractive about it; from its sea, the boats, the sun, the beaches, the many groups of British, the bar street, the ice cream, and even the 10 kilometer seaside walks. Ok I'm rambling.

A secret restaurant about 20 minutes outside of Marmaris. VERY relaxing and peaceful.
So first thing you will notice after the wonderful sun is the amount of British influences on the area. At every street corner and alley way you will either find a British individual or a British themed restaurant. It is amusing at times hearing the rantings and hassling from restaurants where they are trying to convince you their restaurant is the best in Marmaris. They either start in Turkish or English and proceed from there. I have had some interesting conversations, laughs and even bargained down prices with my knowledge of Turkish, just an added bonus! ;) It always surprises me how many languages these workers know. They ask you where you are from and begin speaking in that language, quite fun and very useful in the touristic sector.

Marmaris has something for every person!
The beach is not like that of San Diego or Miami beach. Imagine the the sea being about 20 meters from the sidewalk. In between is a beach filled with indescribable amount of sun beds. Typically the beds cost about 5TL each (3$); however sometimes they are free as long as you buy something from the bar or market that owns those particular beds. You can spend the entire day to your liking. I like the mixture of swimming, sunbathing, reading, and listening to music and/or just hearing the water's waves with the sounds of laughter around me.

Water sports, a MUST!

So you have your day plans: tubing, para sailing, sun-bathing, swimming, dining; but what about at night? Well I have a treat for you. Go enjoy the famous bar street of Marmaris. Now if you look at the name, it doesn't sound all that appealing. Imagine an alley way that stretches the distance of a couple football fields, it is just wide enough to fit a small car. Now imagine you are walking past one small door with their body guards listening to Shakira. It doesn't attract you, maybe its the people, the music, the atmosphere; walk 10 more steps and there is your next potential destination playing a different style of music. They have a variety of music from rock, pop, house, techno, R&B, Turkish, folk, etc. If you want to dance, there are places; if you want to stand and watch live bands, there are places, if you don't know what you want, there will be a place for you. Then there are the popular doner kebab places where people grab a wrap of doner on their way home.

Beach Club.
You can swim at any hour, even 5AM. ;)
To get away from the crowded beaches and hustle and bustle that goes on in the streets you can escape to Beyaz Marti, a private, very small beach. The water is indescribably clear. When you look, you can see the bottom, and after diving in, you cannot reach the bottom, it is that clear. You float there with the salt holding you up, you feel like you are lying in a humongous bath! When you get out, you can grab a nice hammock and/or a carved melon filled with scrumptious ice cream. YUM!

Beyaz Marti
I have managed to go to Marmaris the past 3 consecutive summers, and can I tell you, I hope it continues this way. Marmaris, Turkey brings joy, happiness, laughter, relaxation, sun, tan, and life!

You have to do a boat tour if you go to Marmaris!

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