Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thoughts Unwound (Poem)

Thoughts Unwound
By: Dustin Sherman

Lost in a dream, 
a nightmare, a fairytale. 
The dream is so uneven, 
bouncing forth and back. 

This piece of parchment lay, 
the dreams and arrangements 
you have lay out for me. 
Should I follow? 

Follow into pure struggle, 
Drip into pure and unexplainable love. 
For what is this, 
the love story we have? 

Emotions, they fly, 
they grasp and release. 
Why the waterfall of, 
one single event? 

Lyrics break with music, 
The tempo raging and then, 
slowing to its interlude, 
never to be a finale. 

For finale is not a word, 
in our language, 
there shall only be one word, 

Evermore, that smile that shines, 
Gradual frowns, with the return of hope. 
Passion seeps from every movement of our 

Our declaration yet to be heard, 
for it is yet in its draft 
form. To be faultless, we shall 
stand solid. 

Pain we have created, 
we shall overcome, 
and we shall encompass 

What a word to define, 
the time of reflection, 
the desire needed. 

The green grass on 
the other side? 
There is not such a thing, the grass 
it is unanimous. 

Clenching our hands, 
never to let 
go, we have educated these hands, 
they cannot go untaught. 

Dreams to inspire, 
the wishful people. 
Wishes, burning to come 

Let us dine in 
Where our thoughts and minds think, 
as one. 

Remember our past, 
exist in our future. 
Do not be fearful, we will pace this moment 

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