Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pursuits Abroad

While speaking with a friend, they approached me with a topic. They said that they were happy for my experience but also said that most individuals that love travel are searching for something. They asked, "What is it that you, personally, are looking for?" I proceeded to answer:
Well I can answer it in a couple different ways. Firstly the most obvious for me, is that I hate stagnation. I hate being held down to anything, whether it be my education, my work, my life in general, I get joy from constant change in my environment. On this journey however, I am constantly looking and learning about myself, and I know, this is soo cliche.
I believe in something called the shadow "bag" theory, where the first 20 years you are molded and sculpted into this being, conformed by your family, society and religion; you put all these "bad" things that you believe in but others don't, into a bag.It is after the age of 20 that you start to find yourself, flower per say, and it is not until you remove all these negative things/live the way you feel most free and take them out of your "bag" that you will begin to see happiness. I think that my travels and new cultural experiences have made me think about myself and my life and my own culture more than I have ever thought before. I know more about myself more than I ever have, now! I dont necessarily think Im looking for a place that I belong, but rather to learn from individuals around me. People outside of america, are very open-minded, very well read, and have the most interesting outlooks on life(politics, love, life, careers).
The insight that I have gained from others has been tremendous. The culture norms have impacted the way I live now. This is the reason for my travels, Turkey in particular. My dislike of stagnation leads me to many places, this drive forces me to mold my knowledge and self. I am constantly shifted, molded and readjusted to new things and opportunities. While I love a steady life, being challenged is a blessing and while in Turkey I have been challenged in more ways than you can imagine.These challenges and obstacles to achieve are what give me joy in life and my travels abroad.

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