Saturday, April 2, 2011

Your Nothing

Your Nothing
By: Dustin Sherman

Have I cracked the mirror
to your luck?
Have I turned the fuse off
to the power? 

The candle is burning,
It will soon be shameful.
The purpose of life will then be questioned?!The passion put out. 

The purity and reflections you have
Give them back, or
drop them into a puddle of mud. 

What makes the hatred evident?
Your glare, the look of
Saddening imperfections yearning to be erased. 

I promise to crack your code,
I will not conquer my fears and
but will become one with you, forevermore. 

Insecurities lurking around the corner,
hold me,
and in return,
receive nothing. 

I will be brought to life,
stay and I will tear you down like you have me,
then, re-grow together as nix, in perfect parallelism 
to the new world, the new ideals, the new life,
indifferent of you.

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