Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yasar University - Izmir, Turkey

Science, Unity, Success
My Campus - Yasar University, Selcuk Yasar Campus

The center of the campus. (A mini amphitheater, and a cafe).

Turkish Flag raised high and proud!

Typical Classroom.

Yasar Logo

Beautiful Campus!!!! :-)

My campus is like a resort!

This is where the International office should and tries to relocate to! ;-)

Mini Amphitheater. Great for resting between and after classes.

Sir Winston Cafe

We have security and card entry at both ends of the campus.

Great entrance to the campus. Library on right. Tallest building is the business building.

My metro stop in Bornova every day.

Note: All pictures were taken by me, AKA no copyrights needed ;)


Tine said...

So pretty! Does Turkey ever have bad weather?!?

DustinTv said...

Well starting in March or April, the weather is absolutely great! You will not see much rain if at all. The summers are hot, but typically dry. Winter days are dreary: typically windy and rainy, with the nights being the coldest. It snowed in Izmir(meaning very very very mild flurries), the first time in six years. Places like Istanbul and Ankara received snow, so its not country wide that the weather is this perfect. If I live here in the future, Izmir will definitely be my pick BY FAR! I love Izmir! :D

Anonymous said...

do you advice me to study my graduate program at Yasar University , and what is the estimated cost of living for one year?

DustinTv said...

I sincerely think you should do your masters at Yasar! Firstly, I dont know if you would be considered international like myself, but if you are, I have to say the international office is AMAZING beyond belief! The school is smaller, which provides for more one on one communication. The classes are smaller and everyone is very helpful! They also offer scholarships for international students, which is a huge bonus! :D The cost of living varies upon what your life style is like. If you live close to the school you can easily find a nice apartment for 300-400 dollars a month, possibly even cheaper! The food is very cheap (especially from the bazzar). If you live a standard lifestyle, I can imagine at most spending max. about 800$ a month. I live with a friend so it changes my situation of what I need to spend money on! I hope this helps. If you have ANY questions at all or just to talk about my experience here feel free to contact me at or Have a great day and let me know the progress.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much dear , your words are very helpful to me , I am Egyptian , so as you know we are (Egyptian people) very busy now because of our revolution . I think if you are still in Izmir , I will try to be in contact with you , now please let me send to you a lot of questions to your mail , do not worry I am not talkative , I thank you again and thank you again :) my email is